Episode Breakdown: Hotel Spa Potions

Warning: Spoilers for Hotel Spa Potions

You know how every show has exciting episodes and plot building episodes? For me, Hotel Spa Potions is a plot-building episode. Team Brakebills continues their efforts to stop The Beast and fix Fillory. Meanwhile, The Beast is The Beast in his effort to take up as much space as possible while Julia attempts to find a way to defeat the trickster god. That’s it basically, except for all the sarcasm and character development that makes the show really fun! read more

The Dangerous Truth of Reading Books

With the beginning of season two of The Magicians, I have decided to reread Lev Grossman’s beautifully crafted novels; any excuse, am I right? Today I got just a few pages into the first book when Grossman’s description of the relationship Quentin has with the Fillory books resonated so strongly with me: read more

Searching for Solutions

We all have problems from time to time: a person we like that we want to like us back or a need to understand what happened to our brother who disappeared from the college he was attending. We have those moments of crisis where we look deep in ourselves for answers. Maybe we reach out to a friend, research, read to find a solution, or break through a wall to take an entrance exam. Then we take that solution and turn it into action. That is one of the true beauties of being a human, that we can use our keen intellect to create change. read more

Season Two Premiere Viewing Party

Jan 25, 2017 8:30 PM PST

We left off on an amazing cliffhanger and the commercials on Syfy promise another beautifully shot season of twists and turns as we seek to discover if Julia can handle the amazing task she has taken on, the future of Fillory, and what are they going to do next with Quentin’s character.

Please join us as we live blog through the first episode of the second season, you’ll have to have a valid FTB login to participate. read more