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Hello Free Trader Beowulf.

My name is Ryan, and today, I want to open the floor up to Everyday Magics. As a hopeful sceptic, I’ve always been wary of giving away just how desperately I want magic to be real. A love of science makes me think it can’t be possible, but then something always happens to give me a boost of hope, a little amount of faith.

One such thing is the Everyday magics, or mundane magics as I’ve seen them referred to. It was something I once saw on the internet in a Tumblr post. Whilst I usually try and avoid Tumblr, sometimes they can produce gold, and this was one such occasion.  The poster was drawing attention to something their cousin used to do as a child; they would watch cartoons together, and would channel surf whilst the adverts were on. However, the cousin would always switch the channel back to Disney the second the adverts were over, without fail. They could be in a conversation, playing with toys, but the second that channel changed, the show would start again.

Of course, this is something that can be learned. You could sit and time adverts, and with enough practice you could have this down pat. I like to think it wasn’t anything more than an example of the little magics.

Further comments on the post revealed other people had their own examples of Everyday Magics. One mentioned that they would go running all the time, yet even when they accidentally put their foot into holes or caught on plants, they never twisted their ankle; another has a coworker who makes coffee that is much better tasting than anyone else in the office, even though it’s all just a case of adding measured amounts and pushing a button. Origami and knots were mentioned, with people claiming they knew someone who could replicate any design after seeing it once.

For me, I  have noticed that whenever I discuss a song I haven’t heard for a while with someone, or even think about it, the next time I turn on the radio or flick through the Music channels on TV, that song will play.

What about yourselves? Anyone have any such experiences themselves?

I look forward to reading any answers!


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9 Replies to “BrightstarFOX and Everyday Magics”

  1. So the everyday magics varry from person to person and they are using it subconsiously, could this be seen as the real world version of a discipline?

  2. When my little brother and I were little, I used to collect tiny pinecones from aspen or willow trees. I’m not sure what kind of tree it was. Everywhere he went I would leave bunches of these small pinecones, anticipating where he would look. He thought it was magic, just part of his life. he might open his sock drawer, look in the fridge, the pinecones would still be there.
    It made him so happy!

  3. Yeah I agree, it sounds like a manifestation of the physical discipline. Eliot in the show described how with just a thought that only lasted a second a bully was pushed in front of a bus with telekinesis

  4. It was very weird yesterday I came in from the ships and when I was unlocking the door I saw a cluster of runes tied to what appeared to be security wards

  5. Makes sense, as people we all have natural talents in one field or another, thats at least how I see disciplines, just something someone has a natural inclination towards.

  6. I agree with you on that. I could also see disciplines as the approach to magic someone has. In my opinion people who are very spiritual could be of the “nature” discipline. Natural science oriented people could be “physical” while social science enthusiasts could be the “psychic”.

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