Fibonacci Experience

Magic is the science we don’t have words for yet. Sometimes magic is the science we have words for AND it continues to give us room to dream.

One of my favorite bits of mathematical science magic is the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence is the mathematical language that describes the rabbits making bunnies or trees growing leaves or bees building communities. It is something so simple and yet so thrilling. We have the ability to describe and explain the relationships of naturally occurring phenomenon and it is enchanting.

I love looking for Fibonacci spirals in: photographs, on walks, in nature, and in buildings. I never get tired of that nautical shape. It inspires me that things can grow from such a simple point in space and time. Picture the quiet of the eye of the hurricane that builds into a torrent of wind and water. A simple seed that grows out and spirals into an inspiring sunflower or maybe even into a golden painting of sunflowers by an inspired artistic genius.

I like to imagine people this way too, that we all have this extraordinary thing inside of us to grow and affect huge changes. Each of us takes in all of these ideas and experiences, until somewhere down the line we pick a point to create something new, something captivating. This new thing (whatever it is) we share and it grows out in a spiral to inspire others and create a lasting change in the world. This change that will not only alter our lives in some way, but will also stimulate others who will create something new and captivating and the spiral continues. This is where dreams live, in the space between philosophy, magic, science, and math.

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