Horomancy part 1

Blue-green sparks jumped from finger to finger as Maeve wove the complex spell around her Turing smartphone. The phone was securely cryptographically encoded, it could only be used to place calls to another Turing unit that had the matching key, and her spell would ensure that it was magically unhackable as well. A component of the spell was a cypher cube, a magical object holding both the cryptographic and magical keys to the phone.

She and Bleddyn were the only ones who could manifest the identical cubes, and they could not decode the keys from the magical structure. It was a complementary system, an interchange between logic and magic. The cryptography scrambled the spell and the spell deformed the cryptography until it was both unbreakable and illegible. The magic cube was a toy, one of the first spells she had learned at Brakebills. They were used nearly universally to transfer data, such as when they had had to hand in reports and class assignments, but Maeve and Bleddyn had broken and reformed the simple spell into something much more powerful.

The green cube enclosed the phone and rotated around it as she dialed, releasing it’s keys so the signal could transmit. Finally he picked up.

“I need you. This shit is getting out of hand.”

He sighed. “Maeve, what did you think was going to happen?”

“It’s the only way.”

The computer she had built crackled to life then, circuit patterns glowing an eldritch blue through the transparent crystal planes of the case. The crystal was one-way mirrored. She could see in but from the inside there was only the infinitely diminishing tunnel of mirrors facing each other receding in all directions. To the being bound in the computer, it created the illusion of infinite space, an illusion which Maeve amplified with her own spellwork. The Niffin was a vain and savage thing, and it had no physical body really. Its shape and perception of its surroundings changed in response to its environment. She had made it into a bonsai. Her own miniature force of destruction.

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