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Good Day Everyone,

My name is Matthew and I have been given the privilege of helping to moderate and add content to this website. I hope to get to know all of the members here and hopefully we will gain a few more in the course of time.

I first came across this site while reading The Magicians trilogy, as I presume most of you did. Like a Fillory novel, it turned out to really exist – albeit in not the same form as it is in book series, ha-ha.

Since I was a child I have always been interested in fantasy, fiction, and all things imaginary. Part of the time I think I live in some of those imaginary worlds inside of my head. Only kidding…. sort of.

My interests are very eclectic and spread across the poles: from science to metaphysics; with a spattering of things in between.

Magic, in my opinion, is very real; but the word does carry with it some undertones of insanity to those who think the possibility of it stuff of pure fiction. Magic is simply forces of nature not yet understood by the mainstream populace. As Arthur C. Clarke once said, ” Magic is just science we don’t understand yet.”

Kindest Regards,



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