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Hey Free Trader Beowulf community, I created this site and I’m not finding the time to do the administration well. If you’d like to be an admin, let me know by commenting on this post. You can also send me an email through the contact page. I really want to see the site flourish, and that’s possible through creating more content. Please let me know if you have the skills time and interest and would like to admin this site, then we’ll talk more.


All the best, Isaac

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4 Replies to “Looking for site admins”

  1. What kind of duties are you looking to assign for your administration?

    Part of my interest in this sight, obviously, is my fascination with The Magicians trilogy and other forms of media.

    But I think this could also be a forum for things other than that – a place for intellectual people to come and discuss matters of interest.

    1. Hey Humbelcarus, I was kind of hoping you would respond. As admin you would write posts, edit posts by other writers, actively promote the site on social media and look for new writers, and you would read the forums, start new topics, and mitigate complaints or abuse. That’s about it.

      1. You can also design products!!!! I’ll add them to the store and you’ll get all the revenue from anything you create. It doesn’t have to be magicians related as long as it grooves with the theme of the site in general and is original. No work involved, just send me drawings and I’ll make them into stuff!

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