The Magicians Season 3

The Magicians Season 3 is in full swing. We are now two episodes into the magical adventures of Quentin and crew and already the story is beginning to cast its spell on us.

Episode one starts us off where season 2 left off. The fairies have invaded Castle Whitespire and are watching every move our beloved High King Eliot and High Queen Margo make.

In a surprise revelation in episode two we are introduced to Eliot and Fen’s child, now teenage daughter, Fray; raised by the fairy queen to be loyal only to her, Fray is assigned as an escort to Eliot as he sets out on the Muntjac.

Unlike the book series, the Muntjac is a living vessel built from sentient trees with its very own emotional heart at the center. The addition of the vessel into the television series is a welcomed one, as readers of the book remember the fond adventures of our cherished characters aboard its wooden hull.

The first island we arrived at was being ran by a tyrannical illusionist who ruled the islanders with the first magical key. By summoning a shadow bat he murdered villagers to instill fear and further solidify his power – reminding us once again that not all Fillorians are as whimsical as they might appear.

What is next for our band of merry misfits? Only time can tell.

Tune in to SYFY at 9/8c to  check out new episodes and tell us what you think below.

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