Searching for Solutions

We all have problems from time to time: a person we like that we want to like us back or a need to understand what happened to our brother who disappeared from the college he was attending. We have those moments of crisis where we look deep in ourselves for answers. Maybe we reach out to a friend, research, read to find a solution, or break through a wall to take an entrance exam. Then we take that solution and turn it into action. That is one of the true beauties of being a human, that we can use our keen intellect to create change.

But what should one do if you have worked so hard to create a change, to solve a problem, and nothing happens. Or worse, the wrong thing happens like your niffin brother tries to kill you. How do we cope with that level of failure?

The magic in the ability to create change is not just in the planning or finding of one solution. Part of the power is in creating focused intent, channeling all of our energy into that one precise moment when all of the pieces come together. Or when that doesn’t work use emotion magic to literally bottle your feelings. And what if intent is not enough? I recommend following a path of optimistic persistence. Usually, there is more than one possible answer, or more than one path to the correct answer. The solution can be as much of a process as identifying the original problem, consider all paths. Be persistent and single-minded in completing your task. It will make you stronger. Or if it doesn’t, remember that you live in a world that has triple enchanted sake. For sake, like all alcohols, is a solution.


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  1. I love this! It describes why the books have been so important to me, that they have realistic stories (at their heart) of how people change and grow together through both joyous and destructive periods in life.

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