Senses of a Magician and Creating Stronger Spells

Most magicians are so happy to have magic in their lives, or are too unhappy in general, to show any interest in how magic actually works. Time is devoted to finding and mastering the art of spell casting. Fingers deftly bending in rhythm with words old as cuneiform in clay tablets. Each motion, each syllable bends unseen forces to the will of the caster. Now think of the role of the caster’s senses and how useful they can be in creating the rhythm of a proper spell.

Most non-magicals in the U.S.A. believe that there are five senses. It isn’t anyone’s fault per se, as there seems to be a trend among educators to teach what textbooks say, regardless of updates by the scientific community. Other non-magicals are aware of at least nine human senses. To recap, for humans not effected by injury or developmental difference, those senses include:

  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Hearing
  • Sight
  • Balance
  • Temperature
  • Movement
  • Pain

However, this is not the end of perception and senses for magicians and hedge witches alike. In fact, even some non-magicals have access to perception of other senses through their neural wiring and we are still figuring out how this works.

If we in the magical community have access to other senses, what are they and why?

This is an excellent and important question because it is not the same for everyone. We do know through research that magicians have more sense perceptions that directly affect their ability to cast, and specifically direct their discipline and future casting abilities.

For example, Natural Magicians have an ability to perceive the relationship between organic and non-organic matter. Most of these magicians have a high ability to sense electro-magnetic energies to varying degrees. In fact, in our studies of this group of magicians we have found some amazing perceptions of light, gravity, and chemistry.

Healing Magicians have some of the same light and chemistry abilities of Natural Magicians. Though they do not tend to have the high ability to sense magnetic energy, but they do have a hypersensitivity to touch and focus.

I am a magician and I don’t care about my sense abilities, why do you?

Great question! I, and the scientific magical community, do care and this is why: if you know your senses and the depth of these senses, you can find a discipline where you can shine. Furthermore, if you know your skills you can find spells that will utilize your strengths and increase your casting ability. We hope in the future, to improve casting success for first year magicians up to 30%.

All magicians, great and small, should strive to do their best work and deepen their practices. Take a few moments everyday to consider how you best perceive the world around you. These senses are not only here to help you survive, but also they can be the key to find your stride as you affect the world around you.

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