Speaking Your Truth

What is truth? This is an age old question that philosophers have been asking for thousands of years.

I’m sure you are all familiar with the story of the old man on the mountain, who sits atop its highest point waiting to give wisdom to those who would hear it.

This metaphor is wonderful because it relates to anything worth knowing.

Knowledge loves to keep itself hidden so only those who are willing to do the work and climb the mountain may discover it. Once this great work is completed the knowledge is all the more valuable. Like a relationship, to fully appreciate knowledge you must first invest time into it.

Have you ever told someone something that you have researched and know to be true, only to have them dismiss it or not consider it valuable?

It’s frustrating.

The reason you get frustrated when you give truth to someone and they reject it is simple: you have an invested amount of energy, both emotionally and chronologically, into a subject and it is important to you. When you give away this information freely people do not respect it in the same way you do.

There was once a very wise man who said, “Cast not your pearls before swine. For they will trample on it, and then rend you.”

What does this mean?

Usually when you tell someone a truth and they are not ready to hear it they will give you many subjective reasons why your truth is wrong and insult you in subtle ways (sometimes not so subtle) about why you shouldn’t believe in a certain thing. Rarely do they give you valid objective reasons to discredit your discoveries.

Objectivity v.s. Subjectivity

A truth is legitimate no matter what situation you find yourself in; this is called objectivity. Objective information is something that cannot be argued.

Subjectivity is information that is relative and not universal. For example you cannot say that if a tree fell in the forest that it wouldn’t make a sound because nobody is around to hear it. This is a subjective way of thinking, because of course the tree would makeĀ  a sound.

When having conversations with people about what you think and believe you must always be on the lookout for subjective reasoning.

This is a funny story. I once had a man say to me, “I have no belief. It gets in the way of learning.”

I asked him, “Do you believe that?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“So then you do believe in something and that something is getting in the way of your learning.”

You see, he gave me a subjective statement, not an objective one; this is precisely what the majority of the population will do when you speak to them on your ideas or seek intelligent conversation.


When you discover someone disagrees with your truth, discover why. Do not dismiss their world view – to do so disrespects the person and they will shut down.

When someone says, “You know that doesn’t sound right to me.”

Reply, “I understand your point of view and it has a considerable amount of merit behind it. But I think if you look at it from this perspective things might come more into focus for you.”

Never argue. People will only believe what they want to believe. They have to want to climb the mountain of wisdom and knowledge. You cannot force them up.

Seek and You Shall Find

When you are truly wanting to discover something you will climb that mountain and find the old wise man. Because the wise man has seen you have invested your time in climbing the mountain to discover his truth, he realizes that you won’t as easily dismiss what he has to say.

Do not just give away your ideas and information to those who would trample upon them. Allow them to seek out your views and opinions. Freely giving away your information is only asking for anguish.

Speaking Your Truth

When you do speak your truth, do not speak just to be heard. But when you speak know with comprehension what you are speaking on and you will be respected for it. Human beings are usually excellent B.S. detectors and love defaming a deceiver.

Ensure when you speak your truth that it is objective – if you cannot prove it to those who seek your guidance then do not offer it. Speaking truth is like a brilliant mirror: you can see clearly what is being shown to you; when you speak lies the mirror will crack and the image distorts. People do not like looking in a broken mirror. Although you can glue a mirror back together, you will always see the cracks; when you speak out of a desire to just be heard people will see only the cracks.

Always speak truth. Always speak with respect. Speak your truth.


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