Thought Control

It has been observed in nature that the human consciousness affects the reality around us. Molecules react differently based off human emotions and even subatomic particles have been observed to behave in tandem with human thought.

Science has proven, beyond doubt, that our thoughts are tangible; in my editorial thoughts also indicates that we are indeed connected on an energetic level with the entire universe around us.

With this concept in mind it is important to control what is in our mind.

In the previous post I discussed a form of meditation – in this post I will follow along those same lines, but bump things up a notch or two.

After you have become comfortable monitoring your thoughts you must now consciously focus on one thought or feeling. Isolate that thought or feeling (preferably a positive one) and keep it in your mind as long as possible.

Try to start off at five minutes a day and bump it up to about thirty minutes.

If you think positive thoughts you will begin to experience positive results in your physical body.

So many people are hurting today and their negative thoughts are causing extreme sickness in their bodies. They are neglecting their most important aspects: their thoughts and emotions.

Even if you are sick, anxious, or suffering from a deadly disease – sit every day and isolate a positive thought or feeling. Hold onto it and nothing else. Should another thought or feeling arise, consciously push it aside and refocus on your original thought and intent.

I’ll be interested to know in the comments below what results you begin to see.

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