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For thousands of years humanity has struggled to find their place in the universe. Countless wars, conflicts, and general barbaric behavior have been waged all for the purposes of power, a sense of belonging – what ever can fill the vacant hole within the hearts of man.

But what is this hole within us that needs to be filled? What could possibly fill the hole, which at its root I believe is despair.

Since I am a Christian I am going to reference back to the Garden of Eden. God told Adam and Eve that upon the day they should eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge they shall die.

Clearly Adam and Eve didn’t die in the physical sense, but they were severed from a deep connection to the Godhead and died spiritually.

This concept is repeated through several religions and ideologies which I believe has a true and accurate root into what has happened to us as a race.

It is my proposal that the aforementioned hole within us is the vacancy of that certain quintessential element that connects us to our creator; the vitality of spiritual life.

We can look around our universe and see order and harmony that anybody with reason can see was designed to function in a certain way; that “all of this” isn’t just by happenstance and chance.

Deep down we know there is a higher power and I believe that not all of our true natures were left behind during the fall of man from original grace. I believe the hole within us is also caused by our lack of faith in how we were designed.

What do I mean by this? Let me explain.

It has been proven by medical science that the placebo effect is a real phenomenon. That when a person believes they are being given a drug or procedure that will cure them, the disease or sickness will mysteriously correct itself, causing spontaneous remission of whatever illness the person is suffering from.

Is the placebo effect not just another word for true faith?

Perhaps the placebo effect is just a byproduct of true faith in action. That faith we lost when our ancient ancestors chose to lose faith in God by listening to the serpent and being deceived. For when we chose to know from the tree of knowledge we also learned that failure was possible – and with that knowledge the doubt was born within the human heart.

I propose to you that we must try to reconnect to our true nature through meditation of what it means to have faith. We must find a way to eliminate doubt; to believe without seeing. To know.

In the deepest parts of us we know we are capable of so much more than the physical limitations of our own bodies. This is further enforced when we can observe subatomic particles reacting differently when they are being observed by a conscious individual, rather than an automated computer system.

It is proven that our minds, consciousness, and even emotions have a profound effect on the world around us; even in the microcosm of reality. Let us begin to think on this, reflect on this, and perhaps in time we will be able to act upon this truth.

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