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4 Replies to “You can win FTB swag!”

  1. I remember looking out a window and this guy ran buy except he wasnt a guy, right. He was to dark, it was almost sunset and this guy seemed darker than everything around him, and it looked at me and it didnt have eyes or a mouth or any facial feature except the point of a nose.

  2. It was last week when it happened. I was distressed, after being stuck in my life for so long. My Tarot kept talking about a romantic partner coming, and i wouldn’t be able to move forward until i met them. I looked to Terra for help. We decided it’d be best to try and take more control over my life as i have always been guided. All my life I’ve felt almost a guiding presence and lately it hasn’t been as prominent. But that night I prayed to this guide, who I’ve usually called a goddess. The next day came, and I began to plan out my day in an attempt to take more control. I left my plant life class early, something I don’t normally do, and went to breakfast. Now the staff at this dining hall is very constant, especially at the front counter, but there was a woman. She was a stout woman with long curly almost unkempt hair, two crystal necklaces, and the kindest voice. I sat down, and after eating for a bit, I was walking around getting a dessert. And a girl walked past me, my breath was taken away, and I was love struck. I have never fallen for someone at first glance. I find most people physically attractive, and its usually their personalities that draw me in. But I couldn’t get this girl out of my head. I think she was the one my tarot was pointing toward. The one I was waiting for. Then, just like that, she was gone. She walked around the corner and behind a wall. Like a fool, I didn’t follow. I think my guide was there with that curly unkempt hair and crystal necklaces, and i think she answered. I haven’t seen either of the two women since.

  3. I live in a trendy college town filled with rich kids driving cars I never heard of with fancy little closet sized apartments paid for by daddy that overlook bars that don’t try hard enough to protect it’s most vulnerable patrons.
    Once a rear I become accountability in fur, horns, and fangs with a group of misfits, performers, and subculture creatives. We confuse, frighten, and delight the town in ways they don’t understand.
    We transform the typical into the unusual and send waves of magical energy that forces them out of their reality tunnels and into worlds they attempt to understand.
    When we are done in three more years, our mark will be permanently inscribed in the mythology of our community and leave a void they will be desperate to fill with something that will be difficult to match.

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