Local God of Central Oregon

The unnamed beaver: a dark earth god. A deity of trickery and severance.

It is a force of destruction that dwells in the water. Native American worshippers centuries ago understood its power to craft symmetry and to sever it. This basic aspect has been lost to modern worshippers, and thus the beaver god’s power diminishes even as its influence spreads.

The curious sailor’s cap is a misattribution of the beaver god’s power over water, especially in the sense of creating a reflective duality, a line of mirror symmetry, within an existing magical system. The ancient power may also be invoked to sever lines of symmetry in magical constructions. Often asymmetrical arrangements can prove more dynamic, if more volatile, than symmetrical geometry. It all depends on the application, as Morgan’s lux arcana shows in its symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns.

Early images show the beaver god as fully animal, but continued human contact has caused it to take on anthropomorphic aspects. In the statue above the first human attribution has taken hold. The beaver has fully human arms. In a more modern example, the ritual performance costume pictured below, the beaver appears almost completely humanoid.

One can only guess at the future form the beaver god may take. read more