Episode Breakdown: The Flying Forest

Spoiler Alert: Beyond here lie the dragon’s from last night’s episode

Wow! Thank you for another amazing episode SyFy! I think this is my favorite episode of the season…maybe they are all my favorite episodes.

I feel like this episode really could be called, “You will always be this way, find power in that” instead of “The Flying Forest”, but I guess their title is catchier. This episode showed how things are hard; and how even with magic and Fillory the characters seem doomed to a life of quiet desperation. By the end of the episode it seems likely that there is going to be growth for each of the characters within the challenges they are facing. The message was sad, however the dialogue and situations were lovely, so go and watch it!

Where to even begin?

I’ll start with Eliot and Margo, or by their titles: King Sh@# and Fillory Clinton. The interplay between them and their ability to balance contempt with loving understanding is such a joy to watch. Margo tries to give Eliot a chance at some happiness, and the rest of us an amazing sex scene. Though the sex scene is a bit of a buzz kill when you think of all of the people who are in relationships that do not fit their needs. There are so many people of various genders and sexualities that do not have the ability to create golems, so they can sneak out to be themselves. It is very sad to know that even in fantasy there is an important reminder of how every world could do better to empower humans to be themselves.

Finally Kady is back, hurray! It is nice to see Julia and Kady working together to solve problems. However, again with heartbreaking sadness, as the two work together to get Marina’s last words. Then Marina comes back and she gets a temporary reprieve from what is clearly a horrible place. Is it bad because Reynaud has absorbed her somewhere, because there is a hell, or because she has just earned a lot of bad from her actions? Her character went through so much to become Julia’s trusted friend, just to suffer… forever? Of course, there is the symmetry with Alice’s death and the lesson that there is no cure for death.

Finally, Quentin and Penny head off on their adventure.  To me they make more sense together than Alice with either of them. Penny’s deeply sarcastic exterior/ gooey interior is a good balance with Quentin’s deeply needy exterior / jaded interior. Both of them stumble around the episode as confused, scared, and lost little boys. The image of these two broken men, missing literal and figurative pieces of themselves, searching for a woman to fix them and make them whole again. Which in the end she can only help Penny regain his hands, because as we just saw with Marina – death is final.

By the end of the episode, all I can hear is R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” as I imagine Q taking off for New York. Penny will have his hands, but what will he do now that he is physically whole? Kady and Julia have each other and a purpose, but will they be able to overcome their experience of trauma from Reynaud? Margo is doing the thing, but how long before the cracks in her armor show? And Eliot, he is back to the beginning as the king of a farm community. This is what he has been running from since he was a child, but maybe this time he can grow to be a great and trusted leader. Maybe all of them will be able to grow into their potential.

What do you think is next for our Kings and Queen and Brakebills Adventurers?

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