Episode Breakdown: The Girl Who Told Time

The Girl Who Told Time. If I have learned anything this season it is that names of episodes are fairly important. This one is a clear nod to the Fillory books and Jane Chatwin. Will we be bumping into another time or dimension of the Chatwins or are we going to see more about time manipulation from Julia? Or could it have more to do with this new mystery woman who may/ probably hexed a librarian to get into the restricted area?

The mystery woman is Harriet played by the fantastic, Marlee Matlin. OMG! I love her and I hope she will be on many episodes to come. Whenever she appears on a show you know exciting things are about to happen. I fell in love with her as the focus of Josh Lyman’s love in the West Wing and then as Bette Potter’s love interest in The L Word. Is it possible that she will show up as some sort of mentor or more to Kady? I am hoping from the bottom of my heart a little card is not the last we will see of her. There is so much to learn about hexes, the intricacies of the library order, and that cool web company… oh and if there is anything else to the unicorn head.

On a completely different tangent, Quentin and his feelings for the women in his life. I am wondering about the personality trends of the women that hold Quentin’s attention. It’s like Julia is literally filling the role of Alice in the episode, starting with the meeting with Fogg in the beginning, to performing complex spells effortlessly, to trying to be there for a Q, who is lost (again) in his own emotions. It was nice to see that he gets a moment of closure with an Alice, but now he has Julia right in front of him and he is missing it. Again.

Finally, let’s move onto discussing Fillory. As my most recent posts have intimated, I am head over heels in love with Margo and I’m so glad her plot is getting more attention. Though I wish she would share her problem with the gang. Of course I do and of course she won’t. Television would be much less entertaining without mistakes. It’s remarkably like real life in that way.

That’s it for this week. Let me just say this one more time please come back Marlee Matlin, and have your character reveal the library order for us viewers.

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