Episode Breakdown: Hotel Spa Potions

Warning: Spoilers for Hotel Spa Potions

You know how every show has exciting episodes and plot building episodes? For me, Hotel Spa Potions is a plot-building episode. Team Brakebills continues their efforts to stop The Beast and fix Fillory. Meanwhile, The Beast is The Beast in his effort to take up as much space as possible while Julia attempts to find a way to defeat the trickster god. That’s it basically, except for all the sarcasm and character development that makes the show really fun!

In this episode, it seemed like Margo and The Beast were playing the same role for their respective gangs. They both kept pointing out how rough and hard and pointless things are, but with flourish! Margo offered deadpan observations and The Beast delivered most of his message by way of Broadway-style song.

The best part of the episode, the best best part – Bigby! That Pixie is so much fun! She is an expert in battle magic, makes Dean Fogg satisfyingly uncomfortable, and talks about sex nonstop. I haven’t enjoyed a character so much since we met Alice Quinn’s parent’s special friend, the traveller.

But that’s it; it’s all rising action and progress as we build up toward this season’s climax. With that said, this episode did leave me with lots of fun questions to contemplate as I wait impatiently for next week’s episode. I am very interested in any theories or questions you may have after watching Hotel Spa Potions.

  1. Brakebills has had some sort of relationship with Fillory for a questionable amount of time. I have presumed it started with the Chatwins in the 1940’s, but given that the armory had a student workbook from 1893 and we know Bigby acted in Gettysburg, has there been a long-standing relationship between the two places?
  2. What is the curse that The Beast placed on the castle? Is it possible that King Eliot’s ability to set magic aside and embrace a part of himself that can do hard work will somehow save him? Or, equally important, do you think he will he figure out the trick to making Fillory Champagne a thing?
  3. Why does The Beast want to relieve Julia of her shade so badly? Is he into her or is he using her?
  4. What on Earth did Marina do that makes Dean Fogg so okay with turning her out when a murderous rapist god is out to kill her?
  5. Will Alice Quinn go niffin in the show? I was thinking they would keep her around for a long time, but with Julia’s arch do you think she will go sooner over later?
  6. What happened to Kady? Is she coming back?

Your turn, what are your theories and questions after watching the episode?


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