Episode Breakdown: Lesser Evils

Lesser Evils, is there ever such a thing? Often I think we talk about lesser evils as a way to convince ourselves that our actions are somehow justified because we could have done something worse. This episode is aptly named. This is the part where I want to throw in a snide comment that goes something like this: they could have picked a worse musical number to shove into the middle of the episode. Yes, yes I’m sure we are all musical theatre lovers, but still the plot connection felt weak. Then again, I am a sucker for a musical number…. Ahhhh my cynical heart is crumbling just that fast. Elle Lipson and John McNamara, your writing gets me right in the feels!

Okay, I will be more kind with the rest of the episode because I love this show and this episode too and any musical interlude that you provide.

Quentin is literally killing himself because he can’t get over Alice. To him the lesser evil is to die with her. Julia shadeless and trapped Alice make a deal that subverts Quentin’s desires for both and puts his life in jeopardy. In the end, he finally lets go and chooses life. I hope he finds some peace.

Julia, Kady, and Penny are now a team to defeat Reynard. I love that the demi-god is a politician, could there be a better job for this character? But again, in an attempt to defeat Reynard, they literally lose their only weapon. Maybe the politician will balance Reynard in the way Julia balanced The Beast. I digress, but again, how great would a musical number between shade-less Julia and The Beast be? Amazing, right!

Margo and Eliot leading together. These two got caught with a very difficult job, only minimal information, and compromises abound. I feel like Margo going to the homicidal sloth because he is a straight shooter seems like a bad idea. And fairies, you can’t trust a fairy per every piece of pop culture everywhere! Let’s hope that Margo’s ability to see to the heart of things will help her out negotiate the fairies! That and I’m pretty excited about the growing poly family. I hope them all the best.

Finally, I’d like to send a shout out to Magali Guidasci for the costume design. I am so in love with Margo’s costumes. For the duel, alone, wow just wow! And the jackets, especially for King Idri and Prince Ess of Loria, they create such a feel for this world. I look forward to every episode just to see what Guidasci will do next.

Thank you to all of the cast and crew at The Magicians. You have taken these amazing books and created an amazing show that dazzles and entertains every week. What a gift to us viewers, even the jaded ones like me. Thanks!

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