Looking Forward from “Plan B”

Last week I missed out talking about “Plan B”; I’m afraid the flu took me down for a few days. So instead of discussing the episode let’s imagine what is to happen next.

“Plan B” is my favorite episode of the season. I have watched it a few times (there are a few benefits being down with the flu) and the plot is totally absorbing. All of our characters are back together exchanging sardonic comments and acting as the dysfunctional magical team that we all know and love.

The episode ends with a Julia getting her magical abortion, but there has been a complication. What will that complication be? Given the amount of foreshadowing I am guessing we are going to see something about Julia losing a part or all of her shade. I can’t quite imagine Julia without her strong emotions. However, I can imagine any issue Julia experiences will have a strong affect on Quentin.

If Julia loses her shade, then the two most significant women in Quentin’s life are going to be forever changed. Right now Quentin is literally carrying his sorrow and grief for Alice on his back. He is processing the confusing stages of grief in a reality that I think most people who have mourned can relate to. What will happen if he loses the Julia he knew, too? Quentin has a history of not coping well with hardships and transitions, though he always seems to find his way back. I don’t mean to write off the possibility that things can go better this time and Quentin will be able to help or support Julia. But it is Q, so…..

This coming Wednesday the episode “Word as Bond” will premiere. Clearly the title is a reference to Quentin’s deal with Alice about sharing his body with her. Like most magical deals this one is going to come with dire consequences. I am looking forward to seeing how this works out, as pre-niffin Alice was significantly more clever than Q. It’s like a child trying to play chess with a grumpy grand master – nothing left to watch but a short game that will likely end in tears. Maybe we can hope that trapped niffin-Alice will have a little compassion.

There are other meanings to “word as bond”, promises. I am interested to see what will happen between Julia and Kady now that Kady has fulfilled her promise? It seems like they have developed a bond that will be hard to break. Also, they still need to find a way to banish the Trickster God.

Finally, I imagine we will see more of Eliot and see how his sudden departure from the Golem worked out. I also imagine Umber is going to show up sometime soon or the Wellspring will magically clear up. Also, there was a real chemistry between Margo and Prince Es, so are they really going to go to war?

What are you anticipating or guessing will happen in the upcoming episodes?

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