Episode Breakdown: Word as Bond

It was another exciting visit to the adventures of The Magicians. This week’s episode ‘Word as Bond’ brings us back to focus on the relationships of characters and how they shape this ensemble crew.

Kady and Julia are sticking together despite Julia’s recent shade-ectomy. Janet is acting more and more like The Beast; joyful even while committing atrocities. It makes me almost sad (almost) that The Beast is no longer with us. Imagine the amazing song and dance numbers we would have witnessed.

Then there is the literally and figuratively co-dependent relationship between Q and Alice. Desperate to save her, but only in terms of having her exactly the way she was. When will Q realize that he cannot keep trying to do everything by himself and he certainly cannot control how other people act and feel? Though there is something about niffin Alice that suggests there is more to this state of being then pure magic with a killing wish. So maybe Quentin isn’t all-wrong. Maybe.

I like how the episode shows how devoted Margo is to Eliot. However, it seems to me her story reflects women who are trying to cope with reality. Some of Margo’s sarcasm and coldness seems to display how she is trying to stand up to the ugly truths of the world she lives in. It is Margo who reminds the other magicians about pain as a source for magic. She is also the person who can hate Julia and still fight for her to have a magical abortion. In this episode again she stands like a child before the sea hurling rocks and demanding to be seen. Margo is fighting for all and given respect by none. Her story speaks to a space inside me as a woman and as a person who watches women overcome so many obstacles every day.

Finally, Penny is at such a crossroads between magic and Mayakovsky and the library and Kady. It seems obvious that Penny is picking Kady, but sometimes the obvious thing is not the actual thing. I am curious about Penny. He is very different from the Penny of the first Magician’s book. The moonfaced loner who thinks he is better than everyone is somehow this rock star loner with deep seeded feelings for the people around him. I am eager to see more.

What did you think of this episode?

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